Sunday, July 28, 2013

You've heard of a Pub Crawl, but have you heard of a Dish Crawl?

Dishcrawl, a national startup founded on the premise that communities can be brought together through good food and good company, has recently expanded into the to Ft. Lauderdale market, making it's debut under the direction of Dish Crawl Ambassador, Rebecca Shapiro this past Tuesday, July 23rd, from 7pm - 9pm.

Rebecca escorted a group of foodies to four exciting secret destinations, spending approximately a half hour at each stop, all along the famed Las Olas Boulevard which has come a long way since its origin as a dirt road in the 1920’s. Today, the paved streets are lined with unique boutiques and a plethora of spectacular bars and restaurants and makes for an excellent Dish Crawl.

Dish Crawlers
Our first stop was the Las Olas Wine Bar. The guests each checked in at the registration table and were given a name tag and directed to the area where a nice spread of hummus and pita, salmon crostini and mini caprese sandwiches were set out for the Crawlers. Glasses of wine were available for those who wished to imbibe. Under the direction of our Culinary Guide, we moved on to our second stop, Tuscan Grill.

Tasting Plate at Tuscan Grille

Down the steps we went as we entered Tuscan Grill, heading one level below the street. It felt as if we were in a sunken living room, only with a very distinctive Tuscan feel with the long family table set nicely under the pergola.  On the table we found housemade garlic bread with their freshly made bruschetta  and olive tapenade. Drink orders were taken and delivered and soon arrived our tasting plates - grilled octopus with a citrus vinaigrette, porcini mushroom risotto and homemade gnocchi pomodori. Just before we were to depart from this lovely setting, Rebecca came by to let everyone know that we were getting reading to move on to our next destination and if anyone had any outstanding checks to go ahead and take care of them at this time. The ticket price of $45 does not include drinks so Dish Crawl participants are asked to bring cash to pay for any drinks they order. Our next stop was Mango's.
En route to next stop

Seafood Trio at Mango's
Here we were treated to a trio of crab cake, crab bisque and salmon with mango salsa. Good thing the bites were small because I was getting full at this point but we had one more stop yet before calling it a night. Once again, we received our fair warning that we were near ready to depart for our final destination and to settle up any bills that need to be settled. Once outside, we were able to get Rebecca to reveal to us the name of our final stop. With a little playful reluctance she gave in and announced we were heading to Udder Sweets for our final stop on the Crawl.

Udder Sweets

Here we were treated to either two scoops of the ice cream of our choice or two chocolate truffles. Let me tell you, walking into this place I felt like the proverbial  "kid in a candy store". They had everything in there. And the aromas that welcome you into the store...they had me at smello! 
At the conclusion of our final stop, I thought to myself, what a great way to get out and experience a city; Whether you are a local or a visitor, this is a fun and affordable way to get to taste your way around some wonderful restaurants that have been personally selected by a foodie for foodies in addition to getting to hang out with like minded individuals and make new friends.

For more info on upcoming Dish Crawls in Ft. Lauderdale, you can visit: or contact:
Rebecca Shapiro at 305-710-9439  or

Jenny de Borja and Yours Truly
Until we eat again,
I send you delicious wishes, xo


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