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Out of Denmark is Out of the World, Good!

Hello Foodie Friends,
Today I am pleased to share with you my latest Boca Food Find, Out of Denmark. I was recently invited to attend a media dinner here, although they have been open (re-open) for about a year now. You see, there's a little bit of history about Out of Denmark that you must know in order to fully appreciate where they are today. According to Jorgen Moller, Sr. his family has served an estimated 4 million guests since opening their first restaurant, Prince Hamlet in Miami in 1969.

Me with Jorgen

Gravlax & Deviled eggs
 Jorgen took a seat at our table and was forthright with tales of his family's legacy, where they had been, the charities they have served and the steps they take to ensure they are converting visitors to loyal customers, one phone call at a time. That's right, Out of Denmark takes customers' comments very seriously and someone from the restaurant calls each guest the very next day to get their candid feedback on their dining experience. Jorgen says that most people won't give their honest opinion to the owner or Manager, so they decided to take this unique approach. In a time when everything is trending towards technology, it's nice to know that someone still holds on to old fashioned, time-tested tactics like picking up a phone to actually speak to their customers and mailing out postcards to each of their guests.
Koldt Bord

Shortly after I was seated, our server Kate greeted me warmly and took my drink order. (I had a nice Sauvignon Blanc, in case you care to know that little tidbit.) I thought it'd pair nicely with the gravlax that sat King of the Mountain atop a 3 tiered appetizer tower known as a Koldt Bord.  

What they're doing here has become their signature trade mark, as they have been doing this for years. I say, why break tradition?!? I'm glad they agree! They have created what they call a table top buffet, comprising of items that they know their clients really like. The gravlax is a popular and tasty item there. They make their own cured salmon, pickled herring, a European cucumber salad, a spinach dip - all things that one would normally pay extra for are brought to each table at no extra charge. 

Jorgen and his son Christian re-opened Out of Denmark last year after a brief hiatus from the business when Jorgen left to care for his wife who, unfortunately lost her battle to cancer. The father-son team agreed that immersing themselves back into the business and doing what they both loved, was the best medicine of all. 

 Chef Christian is no stranger to the kitchen. According to his father, Christian, now in his 40's, has a long history of cooking; at the ripe old age of 7 he was standing on a milk crate behind the line and putting food on the plate.

Pickled Beets, European Cucumber Salad, Marinated Mushrooms in a Dijon Mustard Sauce

Deviled egg with caviar & Home cured salmon

Red Lentil Soup with sweet carrots

This was the best schnitzel I have ever eaten! Ever! This is a "Must Try" dish. Period. It is an herb crusted veal cutlet served with some really tasty mashed potatoes and some seasonal vegetable. All cooked to perfection.

Rice Pudding

Belgium Chocolate Cake

Seven Layered Danish Custard & Raspberry Cake

I know, I know. How do I do it? How do I keep going out, night after night and eat like this and then on top of all the yummy food, there's not one, not two, but three desserts to sample on this night. Ay yay hay! I don't know how I do it, but somehow, (I must be a glutton for punishment), I keep coming back for more. (If you call getting fed all these wonderful meals punishment). I do it all for you, my dedicated fans. (Let's see if anyone is actually reading this. If that's you (no not you, mom), then make a little comment below this post for me.)

All the desserts are made in house and are just as delicious as they are works of art. I happen to really dig the rice pudding. 

When you step foot into Out of Denmark, Their moto is "Our House is Your House" and you will certainly feel as if you've stepped into someone's home. The Moller's and their entire staff want you to feel as if you are part of their family. I got that feeling and look forward to coming back again and again...

Out of Denmark is located at 2275 S. Federal Hwy. Delray Beach
Visit their website for more info. (561)-276-2242

Until we eat again...
I send you delicious wishes, xo


 Denise Righetti
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