Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dinner from the Movies, a Culinary Tribute to the Big Screen

Hello Foodie Friends,

It's not often that I receive an invitation to something as clever as this special event I was invited to recently at 50 Ocean in Delray Beach. It's also not often that I find myself full before the end of a tasting menu, but this was the case on this night. Lucky for me, I had some yummy leftovers to chow down on the next day.

My date for the evening, Miss Enid Atwater
Corn & Bacon Mandolin, caviar dill creme

Buttered Stone Ground Grits, Andouille stuffed Shrimp, molasses drizzle
Summer veggies, tomato fondue & crispy artichoke

Prime Slider, Foie Gras, roasted garlic aioli, tomato jam, buttered brioche

Fresh lobster, shellfish butter, large cut sofrito

18 hour brisket, sweet n sour cabbage, emmentaler bechamel, rye gratinee
peanut butter banana sushi, captain crunch, blueberry "pixie stick"
A surprise ending, a mammoth "Willy Wonkaish" piece of chocolate wrapped in gold foil and filled with bacon, cranraisins and other goodies. OMG Delish!!

Chef Blake and guests attending dinner
Want more of 50 Ocean? I don't blame you. Me too... 

Spirited Experiences – Pairing Dinners
Summer and Fall 2014

50 Ocean, Delray’s foremost oceanfront restaurant, is creating a buzz this summer with the debut of their new series of Pairing Dinners being served up to enthusiastic foodies and dining patrons.

Chef Blake’s culinary team pushes the creative envelope with innovative, multicourse tastings, theme-designed with spirit pairings that range from select wines, crafted beer, and distinctive, handmade cocktails. The result is an intriguing collection of “Spirited Experiences” that will continue to attract and impress guests from August through December.

Don’t miss a culinary adventure of exquisite tastings, complete with fascinating tidbits of foodie lore and legend, and perfectly paired spirits that enhance each bite. The powerful combo of taste, texture, and flavor provide an entertaining and delicious evening not to be missed!

Check Out the Below Special Spirited Experiences and Culinary Pairing Adventures

     8/26    Saltwater Brewery Craft Beer Pairing Dinner
       9/16    Jackson Family Wine Dinner
       10/2    Jim Beam Portfolio Dinner
     10/14    Cycle of Life Dinner
     10/30    “Up in Smoke” Halloween Dinner
     11/13    Olde World vs. New World (Wine Pairing Dinner)
       12/9    Third Annual Mo√ęt Hennessy Holiday Dinner

Pairing menus are custom-designed for each dinner and posted two weeks prior to the scheduled date at, along with pricing, times, and special notices. Seating is limited and reservations are essential. Please call 561-278-3364.

To see highlights from their pairing dinners and other happenings at 50 Ocean, please follow them at

50 South Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach, FL 33444 – 561-278-3364

Until we eat again...
  I send you delicious wishes, xo


Denise Righetti
C.F.O. (Chief Foodie Officer)
Savor Our City

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  1. That lobster dish...OH MY! That is a ton of food haha what a creative themed dinner. I have been to 50 Ocean once before and really liked it. Must go back again soon!