Monday, December 9, 2013

Some recent food finds here in Boca

Hello Foodie Friends,

As usual, I'm behind in my blog posts, but I know you all will forgive me! I wanted to let you know about some recent openings and new discoveries I've recently made. First of all, have you all been to Chick n Chop facing Federal Highway in Downtown Boca? It's close to Mizner Park in this yellow strip plaza nestled between Dixie & Federal. They sure do chicken right! They are pumping out fresh rotisserie chicken straight from their ovens and chopping it up right in front of you. Doesn't get any fresher than this! I stopped in there a couple weeks back and was so impressed with the quality, portions and price that I returned for more of the same twice in the same week. I met the owner, "Faddi" and asked him if he cooked turkeys for Thanksgiving. He said he did and I asked if he would be able to do one for me and he said he would. I was also looking for a sweet potato casserole, but not just any ol' casserole. It had to have pecans. So I asked him if he could do that too. He said not only does he make a great sweet potato casserole with pecans, but with toasted marshmallows on top as well. Sold! Great guy, great place. I highly recommend you stop in and there and when you do, tell Faddi that Denise sent ya!
Sweet Potato Pie Casserole from Chick n Chop

The next food find that I want to tell you about is The Coffee Palate, located in Royal Palm Place (downtown Boca) in the former spot of TiTiGirl Boutique. Owned by Duane & Frances Morgan of Rocksteady Jamaican Cafe & Bistro, you will find this coffee & tea shop/cafe to be very quaint with lots of charm. I stopped in one morning and enjoyed a cup of freshly steeped tea while chatting with Store Manager, Olive. I was so impressed, that I called up my lunch date to reschedule the location we were to meet for lunch so I could introduce her to The Coffee Palate. Luckily she was happy to accommodate. We both enjoyed the curry chicken salad. I will be planning a Sunday afternoon tasting menu here where we'll enjoy lunch out in the beautiful courtyard. Stay tuned for more info on this!
Curried Chicken Salad from The Coffee Palate

Farmer's Table recently opened up in the Wyndham Hotel on Military Trail in Boca Raton. My friend Joey Giannuzzi is doing a bang up job using fresh locally sourced ingredients and putting them together in a tastefully creative menu. I had the privilege of attending one of his pre-opening tastings and thoroughly enjoyed each item that was presented to us. The other day, I was craving something healthy to eat at the odd hour of 4pm.  Being that it was past lunch and not quite dinner, I wasn't sure what I might find open at this time. I took my chance and arrived at Farmers Table to find my Joey standing outside who informed me that I could get one of their flatbreads at that time. Sounded good to me. I tell you the selections all looked terrific, but my eyes were drawn to the cauliflower, brie and fig one. I believe it was served on a whole wheat flatbread, which was so light and crispy, just the way I like it. The flavor profiles were perfectly balanced and worked so wonderfully together. The staff was very pleasant. If you haven't yet been, I highly recommend you go. I will be planning a foodie event here in the near future as well and will keep you posted on that as well.

Cauliflower, Brie & Fig Flatbread from Farmer's Table

Authentic Maryland style crab cakes
Frank's Famous Cream of Crab Soup
 "True" is the name of this new restaurant I stumbled upon last week. Tucked away in a little nondescript plaza on SE 1st Ave in downtown Boca (behind Chops Lobster Bar and across from the Royal Palm Place parking garage entrance), True is in the former Apropo Cafe spot. The Owner/Chef Frank Hawkins is from Baltimore, MD and is bringing us South Floridians the best crab offerings south of Maryland. I walked in a stranger and left full and with a date and tasting menu to bring my foodie friends back with me. If you like the sound of crab soup, crab cakes, bacon wrapped dates with housemade chive cream cheese, slow roasted beef brisket slides and pumpkin cheese cake, then you need to plan to attend my foodie event there on Monday, Dec. 16th at 6:30pm. Oh, did I mention they specialize in craft beers as well? And at just $25pp, you get one of those craft beers or glass of wine included as well. For more info on this event or to reserve your seat, please contact me at or (954) 410-3177.

Fork & Knife recently opened on the first floor of Palmetto Place condos, adjacent to Royal Palm Place in Downtown Boca. In the spot that was formerly Russia House, formerly Andrew's. (and I could go on before that, but I think you get the picture). Let's hope that owners Lee Tushman and Scott Niskar, out of Michigan, have a better concept that might actually stick around for a while. Their mission is "to provide our guests and our community with a menu that is creative yet familiar in an atmosphere that is modern yet comfortable and hospitality that is honest and sincere." They are a Diner, if you will- serving modern comfort food. I've been in a few times and every staff person there has been engaging and eager to please. The food is good, although I wouldn't put it in the category of great. Portions are quite large and the prices are very reasonable. There could very well be a foodie event popping up here in the near future. For this, my friends, you'll have to stay tuned...

Nori is another recent opening in Downtown Boca. It's a Thai and Sushi place that opened up on East Palmetto Park Rd in the former Kao Tong location. I met the owner at this year's Boca Raton Wine & Food Festival and made it over to their restaurant sometime last week. I started out with one of my favorite Thai drinks, Thai tea. A foodie event will soon be organized here. Stay tuned...

Well my friends, that's it on the latest restos that I've actually tried that recently opened. Check back with me again, as I will have info on L'etoile, The Olive Tree and possibly Madison's NY Steakhouse.

Until we eat again...
I send you delicious wishes, xo


C.F.O. (Chief Foodie Officer)
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