Friday, October 29, 2010

Ooh La La to my new Boca Food Find

Hello Fellow Foodies,

Cote France, otherwise known to locals as "The French Bakery", located on Plaza Real South in Royal Palm Place, was not exactly a new find for me per se, but what was new was this little known fact that they serve up the best Beef Bourguignon this side of France, and for a fraction of the price that you'd pay at those fancy schmancy French restaurants.

It all started as we (our women's walking group) passed by the little Cafe on our regular Tuesday Walk n' Talk around Royal Palm Place (departing from Tropical Smoothie every Tuesday at 5:30pm; okay, a little shameless plug here). One of the women in our group (who happened to be French) asked me if I had ever had dinner there. I told her I hadn't, but I did have lunch there a couple times, after hearing the rave reviews from my friends Peter and Jacqui from The Talk of the Town Radio Show (okay, another plug, I know...). Mylene said that I MUST try their Beef Bourguignon. I have to admit that I have been especially fascinated with this dish of Julia Child's made so popular from the hit movie, Julie & Julia. She needed to only mention the words Beef Bourguignon, but when she threw in the fact that the cost was only around $12, (instead of the $20+ that it would cost me at other French Restaurants), I was definitely in!

Anyway, I had some time to kill after my walk and before my Journaling workshop was to being at The Heart Painter's Studio (, so I headed over to Cote France, placed my order and sat outside on the lovely patio and enjoyed my meal al fresco. What a lovely evening it was! The dish was exquisite. The beef was fork tender. The mushrooms, carrots, celery, onions were sauteed perfectly. The fresh bouquet garni added just the right amount of seasoning to enhance the flavor. Seved with perfectly steamed broccoli and potatoes, this dish had everything to satisfy the most discriminating palate. A basket of french bread and butter was brought out along with the meal and although I thought this was overkill, I found myself taking a piece (or two) and mopping up the excess "gravy" left over on my plate. Yumm!!!
Anyway, I hope the next time you are craving something "French", that you'll head over to Cote France in Royal Palm Place and try their wonderful Beef Bourguignon.
Located at 101 Plaza Real South 561-955-6021
Until we eat again,
I send you delicious wishes XO,

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