Tuesday, May 4, 2010

He had me at Oh-So (Good) Bucco

My hubby and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary last night and we decided to commemorate this special occasion by visiting one of our newest Boca Food Finds - Capri Ristorante.

This place exudes class. We sensed this the moment we entered the doors. A nice balance of woods, granite & slate with a beautiful bar, which my husband will tell you is a tell tale sign of a good restaurant.

We were greeted at the door by Joey "Capri", whose family owns 6 more restaurants by the same name in the Chicago area. The restaurant has a private area that can seat up to 50 people as well as the main dining section adorned with a beautiful piano. Joey cordially escorted us to a cozy booth in the main dining room where we were about to embark on the most delightful culinary experience.

Our waiter brought the bottle of wine we ordered with one of those fancy dancy decanter style contraptions affixed to the top of the bottle. (I'd seen that just a few nights earlier at the Fine Wine & Canines event over at Royal Palm Place). Kari, one of the owners of Capri, came over to say hello as our waiter was pouring our wine and she mentioned that she had also seen this "wine thing" being used at the Fine Wine event and was so impressed after tasting the difference, that she decided to purchase it for the restaurant.

As we were enjoying our wine, an antipasta plate, consisting primarily of a variety of olives, was brought to the table; followed by my pasta fagioli and a plate of sausage and peppers for my husband. (Of course we each tasted the other's selection). So far, so good. Everything was delish! Then, all of a sudden, Joey steps around the corner and delivers to our table an unexpected treat; He had prepared something himself especially for us - fried balls! (Hey now, get your mind out of the gutter) These balls were like little poppers; the first kind was a fresh breaded/fried mozarella ball and the other kind was fried green olives stuffed with Italian sausage. Both were amazing and I hear they are making their debut tonight on their regular menu. Speaking of the menu, I hadn't even begun to take a gander at it before our waiter announced their evening specials. Once he mentioned the Osso Bucco, I couldn't hear anything else. This was exactly what I was hoping for and let me tell you, Capri delivered. This was THE BEST Osso Bucco I have ever had. It's new name is "Oh So (Good) Bucco! This culinary masterpiece was sheer ecstasy on a plate. Thanks Chef Victor, you have won a place in my heart forever! The risotto was also amazing and complemented the veal perfectly. My husband enjoyed his beef braciole with pappardelle pasta. For dessert, we ordered the chocolate lava cake with fresh whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. This was also fantastic.
What a great place to celebrate our anniversary. We will definitely be back. Would you care to join us?

Capri Ristorante is located at 39 SE 1st Ave. Boca Raton, FL 33432 (a block south of Palmetto Park Road and 1 block east of Federal Hwy). http://bit.ly/CapriRistorante 561-391-8044

Until we eat again...
I send you delicious wishes, XO

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  1. I love it! Nice meeting you last night, Denise! Thanks for helping with the Food for Thought Show!
    Steve "Heads Up" Cabeza